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Gender: F Pronunciation: REE-sah Meaning of Risa: "laughing" Origin of Risa: Latin

Variation of Larissa

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Famous People Named Risa

Risa Ozaki, Japanese tennis player
Risa Coda, Japanese AV actress
Risa Hayamizu, Japanese voice actress
Risa Ishii, Japanese volleyball player
Risa Itō, Japanese manga artist
Risa Junna, Japanese actress
Risa Kudō, Japanese model and actress
Risa Niigaki, Japanese singer and actress
Risa Ohki, Japanese vocalist
Risa Shimamoto, Japanese gravure idol
Risa Wataya, Japanese novelist
Risa Ogata, Japanese pop singer and member of Tsubaki Factory
Risa Yamaki, Japanese pop singer and member of Country Girls

Pop Culture References for the name Risa

Risa Ward, major character in Neal Shusterman's "Unwind"
Risa Harada, character in anime and manga "D.N.Angel"
Risa Koizumi, main character in the manga "Lovely Complex"
Risa Kanzaki, character in anime and manga "Neighborhood Story and Paradise Kiss"
Risa, planet in "Star Trek" aka "the pleasure planet," popular tourist destination known for its beaches, jungles, and free love philosophy
Risa Park, character on TV's "Code Black"
Risa Hanakago, character in anime/manga "Shooting Star Lens"