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Gender: F Meaning of Rhoda: "rose" Origin of Rhoda: Greek

To those who remember, Rhoda is still stuck with the brassy Bronx 1970s sitcom Rhoda Morgenstern. But Rhoda has a much longer history--it is a name that can be found in the New Testament as a servant girl in the house of Mary, mother of John. Later, Rhoda appeared in the novel Vanity Fair and the Shaw play Man and Superman.

Rhoda started out on the popularity list at Number 161, but never reached that height again.

Famous People Named Rhoda

Rhoda Broughton, Welsh Victorian novelist
Hilary Rhoda, American model
Rhoda Williams, American voice actress of Drizella Tremaine in Disney's "Cinderella"
Rhoda Griffis, American actress
Rhoda Fox Graves, first woman to serve in the New York State Senate

Pop Culture References for the name Rhoda

"Rhoda," TV sitcom about Rhoda Morgenstern
Rhoda Teneiro, character from "Ace Attorney"
Rhoda Penmark, character in "The Bad Seed"
Rhoda Hyman, in "The Roaring Queen" by Wyndham Lewis
Rhoda Swartz, marries James McMull in "Vanity Fair"
Rhoda Nunn, MC "The Odd Women" by George Gissing
Rhoda Williams, main character in movie "Another Earth"
Dr. Rhoda Dendron, character on Disney's "Darkwing Duck"
Rhoda Chesterfield, character on TV's "Jessie"

Rhodia, Roda, Rhodeia, Rhody, Rodi, Rodie, Rhodie, Rodina