Gender: Female Meaning of Portia: "pig, hog or doorway" Origin of Portia: Latin

Portia Origin and Meaning

The name Portia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "pig, hog or doorway".

Portia is a perfect role-model name, relating to Shakespeare's brilliant and spirited lawyer in The Merchant of Venice, and is now also a Hunger Games name .

Another Shakespearean Portia was the wife of Brutus in Julius Caesar, based on a historical character. In the 1940's, when the name was most used, there was a popular radio soap called Portia Faces Life, the heroine being--what else?--a brilliant and spirited lawyer.

Portia is a recommended choice, even though some people might think you named your child for the car. Just don't spell it Porsche, which may sound the same but has a totally different and -- despite the posh brand -- much more downscale image.

Namesake Portia de Rossi actually started life as Amanda/Mandy.

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Famous People Named Portia

Pop Culture References for the name Portia

Porschia, Porscha, Porschea, Porchai, Porsche, Porchea, Porcha, Porsha

Portia's International Variations

Porcie (French) Porcia (Spanish)


Lunessence Says:


My daughter's name is Rose and we really like the name Royce for a boy but then we realized Rose & Royce would just lead to unnecessary teasing.

mother_dragons Says:


Arthur may come from the Celtic "artos" meaning bear and "vigos" (man) or "rigos" (king), so it means either bear king/king of the bears or bear man. Rose in itself can refer to the flower, but many Rose- names like Rosamund come from the Germanic "hros" meaning horse- they were later latinized into their flowery meanings

TEK_753 Says:


The origin, if not the meaning, of Portia is actually 'pig'. Portia is the anglicization of Porcia; Porcia, the daughter of Cato, is often referred to as Portia. The original Porcii are believed the have been pig farmers, hence the name.

Carol Says:


Because in english they sound the same, that's apparently how nameberry gets their meanings, you mean 2000 years ago no one was speaking english? shocking! :)

Carol Says:


it doesn't actually mean Pig, but i'm also confused by your other name associations. How does Rose relate to Horses, or Arthur to bears? Just curious as they are not obvious to me.

Carol Says:


i think they made a good call on that despite them both being beautiful names

Carol Says:


agreed, they're rubbish at meanings

bluMyst Says:


I'm amazed that nobody's brought up that there's a genus of spider called Portia. Portia spiders are *extremely* intelligent. They're the insect equivalent of velociraptors. And they have to be, because they exclusively hunt other spiders. They use misdirection, camouflage, flanking tactics, and stealth to ambush their prey. They can even learn from their mistakes and improvise solutions to fairly complex problems.

So, yeah, I might be a little biased but I think Portia is an incredible name for that reason alone.

J. Says:


Beautiful name! I love it. My parents really liked it too but my sister's name is Mercedes and they thought it would be too much to name me Portia, sister of Mercedes lol

TheHumanCanvas Says:


Portia Rose Therese is a beautiful name :)

PinkPixie Says:


It doesn't trust me i know it's my name you should go to a different site to get your name meanings. Portia means a gift or offering. Its my name and I've spent a very long time researching it to know what it means and where it comes from this is not it

Zelliew Says:


Portia presents as a pleasant name to me. I would never think of pork or pigs.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I liked this name when I was little.

Catastroffy Says:


I don't know if this name really comes from "porcus" or if it doesn't, but honestly it does not make a difference for me.
How is having a name meaning "pig" worse than having one with a meaning connected to any other animal? What makes pigs worse than doves (Callum), horses (Rose), bears (Arthur), or lions (Leo)?
Pigs are extremely intelligent animals, and, if properly and naturally treated, very pretty. I don't deny that culturally, pigs have a reputation for greed and uncleanliness, but I doubt anybody here would insist that that should mean anything, when they consider what other cultural but pointless reputations there are for certain peoples, races, places and so forth.

In any case, it is a beautiful name, and people who have it should be glad of it and value it and its meaning.

ClaireCarton Says:


And how did you do your research, omri? Please provide a citation and link.

I don't know all the world's languages but I do know Latin (4 years study) and the word for pig or hog is not Portia. It's porcus or sus.

Since it's impossible to prove a negative, it's on you to provide the citation otherwise. I can find zero evidence for the claim.

Ps, I don't know anyone named portia and don't feel one way or another about the name, but came across this entry when looking for incorrect baby name definitions!

Edited to add: I realized you actually think "porcus" and "Portia" are from the same root. I don't know how you've come to think this but it's absurd, like saying "omri" means "all" because, you know, just change the r to an n! Iin Latin nouns are inflected which means they have a root and...

Ugh never mind.

ClaireCarton Says:


This is b.s., the word for pig in Latin is porcus, and the root for doorway (portal) doesn't have the ia ending in declension. Name berry must not check anything!

Portia Cash Says:


I know that but the name portia itself means gift which is a variant of porcia which means gift from heaven. The feminine versions don't mean the same as porcius, so yet again the meaning is wrong

Omri Says:


And how did you do your research? Portia comes from the Lation porcus, meaning pig. I'm not trying to insult you, just wondering.

Portia Cash Says:


I have never been so insulted in my life. My name does not mean 'pig' it means 'offering' or 'gift'. This is bullshit and idiocy, it's obvious they don't do their research. My name is a beautiful Latin name in origin of a gift from heaven.

lynn_wentworth Says:


In my opinion, the literary reference and the beautiful sound more than makes up for the unfortunate meaning. Portia Rose Therese will be the name of my first daughter.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


This name always makes me think of pork

Athena_hime15 Says:


I really like how this name both looks and sounds, such a shame that it means pig.

Giinkies Says:


Beautiful name, but I can't get past the fact that it means pig. I can't even look past that fact with the Shakespearean reference.

kittykate928 Says:


No matter what, when I see this name, I always think 'port-ah' instead of 'por-sh-uh'. It's like Chelsea. I know it's pronounced 'chels-see' but I always read it as 'chels-see-ah' before correcting myself.