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Gender: Female Origin of Pollyanna: Combination of Polly and Anna Meaning of Anna: Variation of Hannah, Hebrew, "grace"

The name Pollyanna is a girl's name . Pollyanna and is often added to lists like Hipster British Baby Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Has become an adjective for being overly optimistic.

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Famous People Named Pollyanna

Pollyanna Woodward, English TV presenter
Pollyanna Johns Kimbrough, Jamaican-American pro basketball player
Pollyanna McIntosh, Scottish actor, writer, and director

Pop Culture References for the name Pollyanna

Pollyanna Whittier, main character in "Pollyanna," children's novel by Eleanor H. Porter; now synonym for an optimist
Pollyanna aka Nomi Malone, main character in movie "Showgirls"
Pollyanna, Australian alt-rock band


Mhill46 Says:


Not sure about this. It's a little "frilly" for my taste but there is something about it that I really like. Going to the "maybe" list.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I've never heard Paula suggested as a nickname before. Bless you for that - it's my name. Actually, a friend did tell me years ago that another friend of hers was Pauline, known as Paula, so guess I have heard it once. I also love the name Pollyanna - and Polly. 😃

Mikayla395 Says:


Pollyanna has a French sound to it when I say it. I love the name! It has many possibilities for nicknames (Polly, Anna, Paula, Ann) I think it sounds gorgeous.

EW314 Says:


Too tied to the character, and too babyish IMO.

Zelliew Says:


Yes - It could backfire

Catastroffy Says:


I think this name's literary ties might be a bit too strong. The child might think she had a sort of duty to try and be like Pollyanna Whittier, even if her nature is completely different.