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Gender: F Meaning of Phyllida: "green bough" Origin of Phyllida: Greek variation of Phyllis

Phyllida, a "Masterpiece Theatre"-style appellation, seems far fresher and more unusual than Phyllis.

It's a name used by sixteenth century poets and writers: Lyly has a character named Phyllida in his 1592 play Galathea, and there is a poem of the same period called Phyllida and Corydon.

The distinguished Scottish actress Phyllida Law is the mother of actresses Emma and Sophie Thompson; Phyllida Lloyd directed such films as Mamma Mia! and The Iron Lady.

Famous People Named Phyllida

Phyllida Crowley Smith, English ballerina
Phyllida Law, Scottish actress
Phyllida Lloyd, British director

Pop Culture References for the name Phyllida