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Gender: M Meaning of Pelham: "tannery town" Origin of Pelham: English

Pelham, a place-name surname, could work well as a first, despite its slightly arrogant air. It's what the P in P.G. Wodehouse stands for.

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Famous People Named Pelham

Pelham Grenville "P.G." Wodehouse, English novelist
Pelham Francis "Plum" Warner, English cricketer
Pelham Humfrey, English composer
Pelham George "P.G." von Donop, British officer and footballer; godfather to P.G. Wodehouse

Pop Culture References for the name Pelham

"The Taking of Pelham 123," novel by Morton Freedgood, filmed in 1973 and 2009
HerbertBertiePelham, 5th Marquess of Hexham, potential suitor and later husband of Lady Edith Crawley on Downton Abbey