Lithuanian variation of Anna, Catalan diminutive of Mariona
"grace; wave; bitter; wished-for child"

Ona Origin and Meaning

The name Ona is a girl's name meaning "grace; wave; bitter; wished-for child".
One of those names with a wide array of meanings across different cultures; it's the Lithuanian form of Anna, for instance, and William Blake used it as the name of one of his mysterious, godlike characters. But it's found major popularity in Spain, where it's just outside the Top 50.

Ona Popularity

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Famous People Named Ona

  • Ona Vytautienėbirth name of Anna, Grand Duchess consort of Vytautas the Great of Lithuania
  • AnaMargarita "Ona" Grauer, Mexican,Canadian actress
  • Ona JuknevičienėLithuanian politician
  • Ona NarbutienėLithuanian politician
  • Ona ŠimaitėLithuanian hero of the Holocaust
  • Ona Munson (born Owena Wolcott)American actress
  • Ona ZeeAmerican adult film actress

Ona in Pop Culture

  • It's the Catalan word for "wave" as in "ocean wave"and also quite commonly used as a name in Catalan speaking places.

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