Gender: Male Meaning of Obama: "bending or leaning; little beach" Origin of Obama: Luo; Japanese

Obama Origin and Meaning

The name Obama is a boy's name of Japanese, African origin meaning "bending or leaning; little beach".

The surname of the 44th US President has been been adopted as a first, for girls as well as boys, by admiring parents around the world. And the O beginning even makes it fashionable. Though Barack Obama's name derives from the Luo people of Kenya, Obama is also a Japanese place name and a surname that means "little beach."

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I'm a Banana Says:


It's not a nice sounding name.

I'm a Banana Says:


Let's leave politics out of names.

I'm a Banana Says:


Obama would start to many debates like the ones you see in the comments.

Cherilyn Says:


very well

Cherilyn Says:



SouthernGirl Says:


And I have to say one more thing- He tried to take our gun rights away, and there is nothing wrong with a responsible person having a gun to protect himself, and I understand unresponcible ppl are going to have guns, but the thing is criminals are always going to fin ways to have guns legally or illegally cuz they are criminals!

SouthernGirl Says:


And give the kids a chance to live bro, it is wrong to murder babies no matter what the circumstances are

SouthernGirl Says:


Yes the cops have killed back people who have deserved to get killed, and guess what they've also killed white people who've deserved to get killed! Killing someone who deserved it ,black or white, is not racism. Sure people have been killed unjustly of both colors. How about all the black ppl just killing white people? And look if our country is supposed to be christian (in God we trust) , which it is, then whoever got the idea the being gay is fine? that's just not the way it was meant to be

indiefendi2 Says:


How did he lie about his religion when he was the member of a Baptist church *before* he even ran for his first office?
How is Obamacare a "failure" when it was not only upheld by the Supreme Court multiple times, but Congress has *failed* to repeal it over 70 times.
How is the country in worse shape when, nationally, unemployment is the lowest it's been in over 40 years, the housing market is at a new high, and people are spending on themselves in record numbers. Suffice to say the economy was doing pretty well and we'll see what Trump does for it in the next 3 years.
Those cops weren't "accused" of killing black people because they actually did... on camera. Look at the story of Walter Scott which even Fox News of all networks said was cold blooded murder. The cop ended up pleading guilty. And there are too many stories like that for you to act like there isn't a problem. The "let's wait for the facts!" rhetoric is, ironically, a form of bias. No matter what our races or ethnicities are, we can all agree on the fact that systemic racism is massive problem that exists, especially in our police departments, and that's why the FBI is working to fix it. Speaking of the FBI, they reported that over 1/3 of the time black citizens are shot by police--they were doing nothing wrong in the first place to even be approached. No one is saying "be perfect" but if it's your job to protect and serve, it shouldn't stop when the citizen is a minority and they shouldn't be shot unarmed without due process (thanks Constitution).
Now this whole "Obama divided all of us!" bs is ignorance. Trump started his campaign on Day 1 dividing people group by group and hasn't stopped since. You were already divided before Obama and he is not at all powerful enough to make you change your mind. You think for yourself. It is not his job to make us all feel one way either. America is a nation of diversity of thought, always has been and always will be.
Job growth is not "better now" (it has actually been described as sluggish, slumped, and subdued) in the 9 months of Trump (jobs fell in August and September, but for obvious reasons) without the productivity of Obama. That's just basic economics. I know you want to discredit his progress but, take a Finance 101 class first.
Now on military dealings, this is where I defer from Obama. He made horrible decisions, relentlessly blew children up, and lied. Bowe Bergdahl is an idiot, point blank. Israel (I'm just not going to get political about Israel here). Terror isn't going away anytime soon but it surely wasn't Obama. Modern terrorism started with the Cold War. Which brings me to Russia, the problems we have with Russia in this day and age started with Putin's presidency.
Just because I support equal rights for LGBT people (which Trump also somewhat claimed in his RNC nomination speech, for some reason. Even though he's doing the complete opposite. But sadly, he only thinks of protecting LGBT people when "foreign"-ness is involved, domestically he's making their lives miserable.) doesn't mean I'm not religious. I'm a born-again Christian. Now here's a novel logical concept: it's not mutually exclusive. And since you're PRO LIFE, what about the babies who are given up to foster care for 21 years? 250,000 kids go into the foster care system every year. 250,000 kids are not wanted or not able to be taken care of by the parents who had them. So I'm pretty sure they would be happy as a clam to be adopted by any couple, whether straight or gay, who will love them and raise them. That's how you can be "both sides". Josephine Skriver, the supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel, was raised by gay parents and look how well she turned out. :)
So, if anyone wants to name their kid Obama they know what they're getting into.

SouthernGirl Says:


Yes ma'am sorry

SouthernGirl Says:


Very well said yourself:)

pam Says:


I see why this name sparks it, but let's end the political debate.

SouthernGirl Says:


where are u from?

SouthernGirl Says:


okay, that's your opinion and that's fine I don't agree with u, I will say he did one good thing for our country and that was give the go ahead for our military to take Bin Laden out, however, if he didn't give the go ahead and ppl knew that we had the exact location of OBL, that would have looked bad for him.

indiefendi2 Says:


I definitely don't agree with everything Barack Obama did as president believe me, BUT 72 months of straight job growth and a historically low national unemployment rate, inspiring a generation of people to get politically active (yes, even when against him!), healthcare for people who would never get it otherwise, marriage equality, ending that pointless war in Iraq, having Bin Laden taken out, the stimulus, ending the Great Recession, resuscitating the auto industry, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, helping to improve our environment, etc.

I'd say that was pretty great for America. 🤷‍♀️ Would I name a kid after him? Probably not. Then again, Kennedy means "deformed head" and that's one of the most common first names. I'm not a Reagan fan but Reagan has a good meaning. Taylor is a president's name too.

SouthernGirl Says:



Cherilyn Says:


very well said

SouthernGirl Says:



SouthernGirl Says:


I'm guessing you don't agree with my opinion?

indiefendi2 Says:


We live in the same country, sis.

SouthernGirl Says:


Def not a namesake

SouthernGirl Says:


Gladly, "indiefendi2" well I could say a lot, but I'll just say he didn't do great things for my country

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I think it would be best if we left politics out of this discussion because that can get really ugly really quickly.

indiefendi2 Says:


Enlighten us......."Southern girl".

midnight_rider Says:


I respectfully disagree. The name has very positive connotations where I'm from, for what it's worth.

midnight_rider Says:


Strong name, after a strong figure. I could definitely see it as a middle.

SouthernGirl Says:


Isn't it obvious? lol sorry

SouthernGirl Says:


First of all its not even a good sounding name, second definitely not a worthy namesake, in my opinion.

SouthernGirl Says:


I feel ya

Yara Says:


I like Barack as a first name better than Obama.

autumnreverie Says:


Not a person I'd want to name my kid after.

Dspisces1407 Says:


Because Obama is the current president so it will take a lot of time for that association to fade like those other names. But I, not being a fan of president Obama myself would definitely not recommend it!

DearestJules Says:


My initial reaction was "absolutely no," but then I started thinking about it, and plenty of other presidential names have been used before (Jackson, Kennedy, Lincoln, etc.), why not Obama?

raevynstar Says:


I don't think names should be political statements.