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Gender: F Meaning of Non: "nun" Origin of Non: Welsh

The legendary St. Non was the mother of St. David, the patron saint of Wales. Though violently conceived and born in a raging storm, David was raised in a convent by his mother and went on to become a great teacher and bishop. Non is also known as Nonna and Nonita, and is associated with Cornwall and Brittany along with Wales. While the name Non is well-used in Wales, it is largely unknown in the US and maybe be heard as the negative word "none" or prefix "non".

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Famous People Named Non

Saint Non, mother of Saint David of Wales

Pop Culture References for the name Non

Non, character on TV's "Supergirl"
Non, French for "no"
In Wales, this is often the second part in a double name (e.g. Lisa Non, Catrin Non).