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Gender: M Meaning of Neal: "cloud" Origin of Neal: Irish

Always the second-best spelling of the name (see NEIL), Neal has been on a fifty-year slide, and now doesn't even make the Top 1,000.

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Famous People Named Neal

Neal McDonough, American actor
Neal Leon Cassady, American Beat figure, inspiration for "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac
Neal Adams, American comic book artist
Neal Eugene Walk, American basketball player
Neal George Joseph Schon, American guitarist of bands Journey and Bad English
Neal Hefti, American jazz trumpeter
Neal Morse, American progressive rock musician
Neal McCoy (born Hubert Neal McGaughey, Jr.), American country music singer
Neal Town Stephenson, American novelist
Neal Elgar Miller, American experimental psychologist
Neal Carter, son of American rapper Lil Wayne
Neal Pert, Drummer and main songwriter for the Canadian rock band Rush
Christopher Neal Jackson, American actor, singer, musician, and composer

Pop Culture References for the name Neal

Neal Caffrey, main character on "White Collar"
Neal Burke, Peter and Elizabeth's son (named after Caffrey) on "White Collar"
Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire, character on "Once Upon a Time"
Neal Scott, character from "This Golden Land" by Barbara Wood

Neall, Neale, Nealy, Neel, Nealle, Nealon

Neal's International Variations

Niall (Irish) Njal (Scandinavian)