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Gender: M

Variation of Mortimer

Variation of Morton

Famous People Named Morty

Morty Buckles, American NASCAR driver
Mortimer Gerald "Morty" Corb, American jazz bassist
Morty Black (born Morten Skaget), Norwegian bassist

Pop Culture References for the name Morty

Morty Seinfeld, Jerry's dad on TV's 'Seinfeld'
Morty Smith, character on TV series "Rick and Morty"
Morty Flickman, character on TV's "Desperate Housewives"
Morty, gym leader in the Pokemon video games
Mortimer "Morty" Manta, character in anime "Shaman King"
Morty Fieldmouse, nephew of Mickey Mouse; twin brother Ferdie
Morty, the Angel of Death in 2006 movie "Click"