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Gender: M Meaning of Morton: "town near the moor" Origin of Morton: English

An English family name used a few generations ago as an Anglicization of Moses, but hardly heard since th 1950s.

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Famous People Named Morton

Morton Feldman, American composer
Morton Gould, American composer
Morton Subotnick, American composer
Morton Downey Jr., American musician and TV talk-show host
Morton Kondracke, American political commentator and journalist
Morton Howard, son of comic actor Shemp Howard from "The Three Stooges"

Pop Culture References for the name Morton

Morton Schmidt, character in movie "21 Jump Street"
Morton, brand of salt
Morton's neuroma, condition involving the nerves between the toes
Morton, an old turtle in "Toad Patrol"

Mortun, Mortin, Morten, Mort, Morty