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Gender: F Meaning of Mio: "beautiful, or, cherry" Origin of Mio: Japanese

Mio is a lovely Japanese name for girls that has migrated beyond its native country. One Berry reports several young girls named Mio in Australia, and the name has potential in the rest of the English-speaking world for parents who want to move beyond Mia and Maya.

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Famous People Named Mio

Mio Tomonaga, Japanes idol singer from girl group HKT48
MIQ, female Japanese pop and anime theme song vocal artist, who first used MIO as her name

Pop Culture References for the name Mio

Mio Amakura, main character of the survival horror game Fatal Frame II
Mio, alter-ego of a character in the book Mio's Kingdom (Also known
as Mio, my Son in some countries) by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren
Mio Yamato, main character in the "The Night Itself' by Zoë Marriot
Mio Akiyama, bass guitarist from anime "K-ON!"
Japanese word for "waterway"
Mio, character in the Line Webtoon, Dice