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Gender: M

Variation of Michael

Variation of Mike

Famous People Named Mikey

Michael James "Mikey" Way, bassist for American band My Chemical Romance
Mikey Whipwreck (born John Watson), American pro wrestler
Mikey Dread (born Michael George Campbell), Jamaican reggae singer
Mikel Mason "Mikey" Robins, Australian TV presenter
Mikey Sheehy aka Mícheál Ó Síthigh, Irish Gaelic footballer
Michael "Mikey" North, English actor
Michael "Mikey" Chung, Jamaican reggae musician
Michael Edward "Mikey" Welsh, former bassist of American band Weezer
Mikey Madison, American actress
Mikey Murphy, Youtuber and actor

Pop Culture References for the name Mikey

Mikey Carver, character in film "The Ice Storm"
Mikey, kid in Life cereal commercials