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Gender: F Origin of Maryjane: Compound name, Combination of Mary and Jane

Mary was such a common name for so long that it sprouted a whole family of chimeric name splices: Maryann, Marybeth, Mary-Lousie, ad infinitum. Spiderman's Mary Jane Watson and the common nickname for marijuana have helped keep this one especially familiar to the American ear.

Famous People Named Maryjane

Mary Jane Croft, American actress
Mary Jane Holmes, American novelist
Mary Jane Rathbun, American zoologist
Mary Jane Clark (born Mary Jane Elizabeth Behrends), American novelist
MaryJane Butters, American author and farming guru
Mary Jane West-Eberhard, American theoretical biologist
Mary Jane Lamond, Canadian Celtic folk singer
Mary Jane Osborn, American biochemist
Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, American biographer

Pop Culture References for the name Maryjane

Mary Jane Watson, love interest of Spider-Man
Mary Jane, slang for marijuana
Mary Janes, type of women's shoe
Mary Jane Girls, American R&B girl group
"Mary Jane's Last Dance," song by Tom Petty
"Maryjane," 1968 film