English, combination of Mary and Ellen
"drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved + shining light"

Maryellen Origin and Meaning

The name Maryellen is a girl's name meaning "drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved + shining light".
A gentle old-fashioned compound name that has never been epidemically popular, but is now almost unused.

The meaning of Mary is uncertain, but theories include "drop of the sea" (from Hebrew roots mar "drop" and yam "sea"); "bitter" (from Hebrew marah "bitterness"); and "beloved" (from the Egyptian root mr).

20 Names Similar to Maryellen

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Famous People Named Maryellen

  • Maryellen GoodwinAmerican politician from Rhode Island
  • Maryellen O'ShaughnessyAmerican politician from Ohio
  • Mary Ellen TrainorAmerican actress
  • Mary Ellen PleasantAmerican abolitionist and entrepreneur
  • Mary Ellen MarkAmerican photographer
  • Mary Ellen BagnallOakeley, English antiquarian, author and painter

Maryellen in Pop Culture

  • Maryellen LarkinAmerican Girl doll character