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Gender: F Meaning of Mariel: "bitter" Origin of Mariel: Dutch and French, diminutive of Mary

Mariel Hemingway popularized this attractive and unusual variation of Mary. It's a fairly recent form, emerging in the twentieth century. Other variations include Marielle and Mariella, which is found in Italy.

Famous People Named Mariel

Mariel Hemingway, American actress and granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway
Mariel Zagunis, American fencer
Mariel Margaret "Mia" Hamm, American soccer player
Mariel Rodriguez, Filipina model/actress

Pop Culture References for the name Mariel

Mariel Gullwhacker, mouse character in the Redwall series

Mariele, Marietta, Mariela, Marelia, Marial, Marielle, Mariet, Marelle

Mariel's International Variations

Marieke (Dutch)