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Gender: F Meaning of Marian: "bitter" Origin of Marian: French, medieval variation of Marie

Marian's (and sister spelling Marion's) image has gone through a sea change of late, recalling less middle-aged matron and more Robin Hood's romantic Maid Marian. Some influences: the SJ Parker-M. Broderick twin daughter Marion and the glamorous French actress Marion Cotillard.

Marian was a Top 100 name from 1912 through 1934.

Marian Anderson was a great African-American contralto singer and Marion (born Marian) Ross was the mom on Happy Days. And--trivia tidbit--Marion Tweedy was the maiden name of Molly Bloom in James Joyce's Ulysses.

At one time Marian was considered the female form and Marion the male--after all, macho John Wayne was born Marion.

Famous People Named Marian

Marian Anderson, American contralto opera singer
Marian Stamp Dawkins, English biologist; wife of humanist Richard Dawkins
Marian Keyes, Irish novelist
Marian Rivera, Spanish-Filipino actress and model
Marian Shields Robinson, mother of U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama
Marian Bergeron, Miss America 1933
Marian McKnight, Miss America 1957
Marian "Marie" Billups Booth, third daughter of Salvation Army founder William Booth
Marian Williams Steele, American artist (1912-2001)

Pop Culture References for the name Marian

Marian Paroo, female lead in "The Music Man"
Maid Marian, love interest of Robin Hood
"The Genius of Marian," 2013 documentary on Alzheimer's disease

Marionne, Mariam, Maryann, Marriann, Maryanne, Maryon, Marrian, Mariene

Marian's International Variations

Marien (Dutch) Marianne, Mariann (French) Mariana, Marianna (Spanish) Maryam (Greek) Mariane (German)