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Gender: F Meaning of Maida: "maiden" Origin of Maida: English

Old English name as outmoded as the use of the word maid for a young girl.

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Famous People Named Maida

Maida Muratovic, Bosnian singer
Maida Heatter, American chef and cookbook author
Maida Coleman, American politician from Missouri

Pop Culture References for the name Maida

Maida Walker, character in film "In Name Only"
Maida, main character in a series of children's books by Inez Haynes Irwin
Battle of Maida, Napoleonic battle (War of the Third Coalition)
Maida, Sir Walter Scott's favorite dog, a male deerhound named after the Battle of Maida
Maida, song by Yugoslavian group Divlje Jagode (Wild Strawberries)
Maida Vale, London, England
This name became popular after the Battle of Maida (1806), which took place near the Italian town of Maida and ended in a victory for Britain. In 18th- and 19th-century America it was used as a diminutive of both Madeline and Magdalena. It is also associated with the English word maid meaning "maiden, virgin, girl"

Maydey, Mady, Maydena, Mayda, Magda, Maddie, Maddy, Maidie, Maidel