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Gender: F Meaning of Maida: "maiden" Origin of Maida: English

Old English name as outmoded as the use of the word maid for a young girl.

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Famous People Named Maida

Maida Muratovic, Bosnian singer
Maida Coleman, Democratic member of Missouri Senate
Maida Heatter, pastry chef & cookbook author

Pop Culture References for the name Maida

Maida, song by Yugoslavian group Divlje Jagode (Wild Strawberries)
Maida Walker, villainess played by Kay Francis in the Cary Grant/Carole Lombard starrer In Name Only.
Battle of Maida, Napoleonic battle (War of the Third Coalition)
Name of Sir Walter Scott's favorite dog, a male deerhound named after the Battle of Maida
This name became popular after the Battle of Maida (1806), which took place near the Italian town of Maida and ended in a victory for Britain. In 18th- and 19th-century America it was used as a diminutive of both Madeline and Magdalena. It is also associated with the English word maid meaning "maiden, virgin, girl"

Maydey, Mady, Maydena, Mayda, Magda, Maddie, Maddy, Maidie, Maidel