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Gender: F Pronunciation: Ma-HAIL-ah Meaning of Mahala: "tender" Origin of Mahala: Hebrew and Arabic

An interesting and rhythmic name often heard in the Native American community; in fact,in the Gold Rush era in California and Nevada, it was so common that it became a generic English term for a Native American woman.

The great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson's birth name was actually Mahala, though she grew up being called by her nickname, Halie.

Famous People Named Mahala

Mahalia Jackson, the "Queen of Gospel," was born Mahala
Mahala "Haley" Mullins, 1824-1898, famous moonshiner

Pop Culture References for the name Mahala

Mahala "Mally" Trenglos (later Gunville), character in Trollope's 1867 short story "Malachi's Cove"
Mehalah Sharland, passionate peasant girl in Sabine Baring-Gould's rustic novel "Mehalah: A Story of the Salt Marshes" (1880)