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Gender: F Origin of Magenta: Color name

Magenta is a vivid Crayola color name, that could make a vivid, colorful choice. It was named in 1859 after the Napoleonic Battle of Magenta, a town in Northern Italy.

One of J.K. Rowling's imaginative Harry Potter name creations, it was attached to Magenta Comstock, an experimental artist whose portrait eyes would follow the viewer around and out of the room. There are also characters named Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and on the Nickelodeon show Blue's Clues, for an artistic puppy who loves to draw.

Magenta is a deep purplish-red color, somewhat similar to Fuchsia--an equally original option.

Famous People Named Magenta

Pop Culture References for the name Magenta

Magenta, town in Italy on the outskirts of Milan
Magenta, dog character in the children's program "Blue's Clues"
Magenta, character in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Magenta, character in the movie "Sky High"
Magenta Forchette, character from "This Golden Land," by Barbara Wood
Frances "Frankie" Kane aka Magenta, character on TV's "The Flash"