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Gender: Female

The name Lune is a girl's name of French origin. Lune and is often added to lists like French Word Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

French variation of Luna.

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Famous People Named Lune

Pop Culture References for the name Lune

Lune, king in "The Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis
Lune, prince in anime film "The Cat Returns"
Balron Lune, character in manga Saint Seiya
Misha Arsellec Lune, character in video game Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia
"little lune," mentioned in the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Porcelain"
"Clair De Lune," piece by Claude Debussy
"Clair de Lune," a song by Amiel
Lune, a river in Cumbria and Lancashire, England
Vulnerable to "loony" teasing nicknames...


Juju Says:


Good point. 👍

It's been a while since I've studied French, and I was going off memory.

Either way could work for a name in a US setting, though, with the variety of creative names around here.

mother_dragons Says:


It should be Lalune then, since the moon is female in French

Juju Says:


If the Lune sounding like Loon thing is an issue, maybe add "Le" to the beginning, making it Lelune? (Meaning "The Moon" as in Le Lune.)

AnonymousPerson Says:


I prefer this to Luna, in a way.