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Gender: F

Famous People Named Lucina

Saint Lucina, early Roman martyr
Lucina Courser Broadwell, American murder victim

Pop Culture References for the name Lucina

Lucina, Roman goddess of childbirth
Originally a derivative of Latin lucus, meaning "grove," but the Romans themselves soon associated it with lux "light" since it was the name of the goddess of childbirth, "she who brings into the light." Hora lucina was a term used to mean "natal hour," i.e. the first hour after birth. Commonly used by the Romans. Used in the English-speaking world since the 17th century.
Lucina, wife to Maximus in John Fletcher's play "Valentinian" (1647)
Lucina Merritt, wife of the titular Jerome Edwards in "Jerome" (1897) by Mary E. Wilkins
Lucina, character in "Fire Emblem: Awakening"