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Gender: Female

The name Liesel is a girl's name of German origin. Liesel and is often added to lists like Baby Names from Books and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

German variation of Lisa.

Variation of Elise

Variation of Liesl

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Famous People Named Liesel

Liesel Anne Pritzker aka Liesel Matthews, Hyatt Hotels heiress and actress
Liesel Westermann, German Olympic discus thrower
Leisel Marie Jones, Australian Olympic swimmer
Liesel Holler, Miss Peru 2004
Liesel Moak Skorpen, German-American children's writer

Pop Culture References for the name Liesel

Liesel Meminger, main character in book/movie "The Book Thief"
Liesel Von Trappe, character in book/movie "The Sound of Music"


indiefendi2 Says:


I think the names that Europeans detest are the ones that Americans like. In France an Adrienne is probably 80 years old, in America it's a common name.

Eliane Says:


Horrible name! Here in Germany and Switzerland a girl named Liesel would get bullied because it's THE BIGGEST German grandma name you could choose!

lizway Says:


What a pretty name, and what a nice spelling (IMO)

Yessica Says:


Thank you.

r13martin Says:


I have heard it as lee-sull.

Yessica Says:


Is it like Li Sell or Lie Sell

germanstar Says:


I love it too. It sounds vintage but not old-fashioned. I can imagine every person named Elisabeth using Liesel as a nickname, it sounds equally romantic and tomboyish, it just suits everyone. Also, I can see this name both on a grown woman and on a little girl. The only downside is that in my country, it rhymes with diesel and I immediately think of that when I hear this name, which I like but would never use.

opdeebee Says:


I love this name so much. My grandmother used it as a nickname for Elisabeth.