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Gender: F Meaning of Laverne: "springlike" Origin of Laverne: French

A name better left where it is, embroidered on a fifties poodle skirt.

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Famous People Named Laverne

LaVerne Sophia Andrews, American singer of the Andrews Sisters
Laverne Cox, American transgender actress and activist
(Emily) Laverne Harding, American animator
LaVerne Janet Jones-Ferrette, U.S. Virgin Islands sprinter
LaVerne Erickson Krause, American painter and printmaker

Pop Culture References for the name Laverne

Laverne DeFazio, main character on TV's "Laverne & Shirley"
Laverne Roberts, character on TV's "Scrubs"
Lenore La Verne, stage name of Elly Chiply (actress who marries Harold Westbrook) in the Edna Ferber novel "Show Boat" (1926)

Verne, Lavern, Vern, Laverrne, Laverine, Laverna, Laverne, Verna, Leverne, Loverna