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Gender: F Meaning of Kizzy: "cassia tree" Origin of Kizzy: Variation of Keziah

Kizzy was a character in Alex Haley's Roots; this and other Keziah variations were widely used for slaves. In Roots the name is explained by the hero Kunta as 'you sit down' or 'you stay put' in the Mandinka language meaning that 'this child would never get sold away'.

Famous People Named Kizzy

Kizzy Yuanda Constance Getrouw, Dutch actress/singer
Kizzy Crawford, Barbadian-Welsh singer
Kizzy Kay Neal, British teen mother, subject of film "Kizzy: Mum at 14"

Pop Culture References for the name Kizzy

Kizzy Waller Lea, character in book/TV miniseries "Roots"
Kizzy "Kiz" Shoemaker, character in web series "Afterworld"
Kizzy, character on TV's "Snobs"
Kizzy, character in "Turn Left at Gilgamesh" by Rory Winston
"Kizzy," 1976 BBC adaptation of Rumer Godden's novel "The Diddakoi"
"Kizzy", song by Don McKenzie

Kissie, Kizzie, Kizzi, Kizzey