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Gender: Female

The name Kellie is a girl's name . Kellie and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding Then Eliminating -- Girls Themed".

Variation of Kelly

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Famous People Named Kellie

Kellie Noelle Martin, American actress
Kellie Dawn Pickler, American country music singer
Kellie Denise Bright, British actress
(Khristinn) Kellie Leitch, Canadian MP and Minister of Labour
Kellie Maloney (born Francis "Frank" Maloney), British boxing manager
Kellie Skater, ring name of Callee Keating, Australian pro wrestler
Kellie Coffey, American country music singer
Kellie Lynn Crawford (nee Hoggart), Australian singer, children's presenter and TV personality, former member of children's group Hi-5

Pop Culture References for the name Kellie

Kellie Frost, character from movie "8 Seconds"


Bertha Bernard Says:


My name is Kellie, so I know all about the pros and cons.
Pros: Its spelling is decidedly feminine. Since Kellie Pickler's fame, people are more familiar with the spelling. It's destinctive, so people tend to remember you. It looks nice in writing. It's a familiar enough name that you don't have to repeat yourself or explain the name. It's not stuffy or an old lady name.
Cons: You do have to spell your name for people. Every. Single. Time. People still spell it wrong pretty regularly. I get a lot of, "Is it with a Y or an I?" Sigh... Its era of popularity has come and gone, probably for good, so it's not timeless or classic. It also has a blonde feel to it, like it's not a very serious name.

briarblossom Says:


The Kellie spelling is what I ended up with! I see Kelli and Kelly more.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Attractive name, love Kelly or Kellie