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Gender: F Pronunciation: KAH-zoo-koh Meaning of Kazuko: "child of peace" Origin of Kazuko: Japanese

Kazuko is a Japanese feminine name that combines the character kazu (“harmony”) with ko (“child”), creating a name that in total symbolises a child of peace. In Japan, names ending in ‘ko’ are rarely used as they now sound oldfashioned. More ‘trendy’ names are Kazumi (which means beautiful peace and can me used on both boys and girls), Kazuki (a masculine name meaning hope of peace) and Kazuo (also a masculine name meaning man of peace). The emphasis is on the first syllable, so it is said “KA-zoo-ko”.

Famous People Named Kazuko

Kazuko Fujita, Japanese manga artist
Kazuko Hara, Japanese opera composer
Kazuko Hosoki, Japanese astrologer and writer
Kazuko Ikeda, Japanese alpine skier
Kazuko Ito-Yamaizumi, Japanese table tennis player
Kazuko Katō, Japanese actress
Kazuko Kōri, Japanese politician
Kazuko Kurosawa, Japanese costume designer
Kazuko Sawamatsu, Japanese tennis player
Kazuko Shiraishi, Japanese poet and translator
Kazuko Shirakawa, Japanese actress
Kazuko Sugiyama, Japanese voice actress
Kazuko Tadano, Japanese character designer and animation director
Kazuko Takatsukasa, Princess Taka, sister of Emperor Akihito
Kazuko Yanaga, Japanese voice actress
Kazuko Yokoo, Japanese judge and diplomat
Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Japanese actress

Pop Culture References for the name Kazuko