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Gender: F Meaning of Kat: "pure" Origin of Kat: Diminutive for Katherine, Greek

We're hearing Kat more and more being used by Katherines who are tired of Kathy, Kate and Katie. Katti or Kattie is another possibility.

Famous People Named Kat

Katherine "Kat" Ashley, governess and friend of Queen Elizabeth I of England
Katherine "Kat" Dennings, American actress
Kat von D (born Katherine von Drachenberg), American tattoo artist and TV personality
Katerina Alexandre Hartford "Kat" Graham, Swiss-American actress/singer
Kathryn Davidametja "Kat" Foster, American actress
Kathryn "Kat" Prescott, English actress; twin sister Megan "Meg" Prescott
Kat Dahlia, stage name of Katriana Sandra Huguet, Cuban-American Singer/Rapper
Katherine Anne "Kat" Alano, Filipina actress
Katherine Emperatriz "Kat" DeLuna, Canadian-American singer, songwriter and dancer
Katherine Lynne "Kat" Bjelland, American singer of band Babes in Toyland
Katherine Louise "Kat" Stewart, Australian actress
The Great Kat, stage name of Katherine Thomas, American guitarist
The Kat, former ring name of Stacy Lee Carter, American pro wrestler
Kathleen "Kat" O'Keefe, American YouTuber

Pop Culture References for the name Kat

Katarina "Kat" Stratford, character in movie "Ten Things I Hate About You"
Kat Araujo, character in movie "Mystic Pizza"
Kat Bishop, main character of Ally Carter's Theist Society series
Kat, male alien cat on TV's "Kid vs. Kat"
Kat, character on TV's "Alphas"
Kat, main character in the novel 'Goddess of Troy' by PC Cast
Kit Kat, candy bar
Anna-Kat, character on ABC's American Housewife