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Gender: M Meaning of Jolyon: "youthful" Origin of Jolyon: Medieval form of Julian

Galsworthy used this for "The Forsyte Saga," but in modern real life Julian would work better.

Famous People Named Jolyon

Jolyon Palmer, English racing driver
Jolyon Brettingham Smith, English composer
Jolyon Connell, British journalist and founder of The Week.
Jolyon 'Jol' Danzig, American co=founder of Hamer Guitars
Jolyon Dixon, English guitarist
Jolyon Jackson, Irish musician and composer.
Jolyon James, Australian actor
Jolyon Rubinstein, English actor and writer
Jolyon Temple, Australian children's author.

Pop Culture References for the name Jolyon

Jolyon Wagg, character from the The Adventures of Tintin comics by Hergé.
Jolyon, several characters in the Forsyte Saga