Diminutive of Janet, Jane, Jean, and Jennifer

Jennie Origin and Meaning

The name Jennie is a girl's name.
Long before the Jennifer Era, Jennie was a fashionable pet form of several names, and was also used independently -- in 1875 it was in the Top 20. Jennie was replaced by the Jenny spelling in the 1960s, and is rarely seen today.

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Famous People Named Jennie

  • Jennifer Eve "Jennie" GarthAmerican actress
  • Jennie Lynn FinchAmerican softball player
  • Jennie Elizabeth McAlpineEnglish actress
  • Jeanette "Jennie" JeromeLady Randolph Churchill, American mother of British prime minister Winston Churchill
  • Janet "Jennie" LeeBaroness Lee of Asheridge, Scottish MP
  • Jennie Augusta BrownscombeAmerican painter
  • Jennie ReedAmerican track cyclist
  • Jennifer "Jennie" BondEnglish TV presenter
  • Jennie LindenEnglish actress
  • Jennie KimSouth Korean singer of girl group BlackPink
  • Jennie SomogyiAmerican ballerina

Jennie in Pop Culture

  • Jane Johnson/Jennie Springmain character in "The Face on the Milk Carton" by Caroline B. Cooney
  • Jennie Baldrincat character in "Jennie"/"The Abandoned," children's book by Paul Gallico