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Gender: M Pronunciation: jeh-DI-ah Meaning of Jedaiah: "invoker of the Lord" Origin of Jedaiah: Hebrew

More manageable than the Jebediahs and Jedidiahs, this name of several biblical characters would make an interesting, undiscovered Old Testament choice.

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Famous People Named Jedaiah

Jedaiah, father of Allon, son of Shimri, of the house of Simeon (1 Chr. 4:37)
Jedaiah, a priest who dwelt at Jerusalem (1 Chr. 9:10)
Jedaiah, a priest's family who returned to Judah with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:36)
Jedaiah, son of Harumaph; repairer of Jerusalem's walls (Nehemiah 3:10)
Jedaiah, of the priestly house of Jeshua (Nehemiah 7:39)

Pop Culture References for the name Jedaiah

Jedi, Jedaiah, Jedaia, Jedeiah, Yedaya