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Gender: F

Variation of Jane

Famous People Named Janey

Janey Godley, Scottish comedienne and writer
Janey Buchan, Scottish European MP
Janey Lee Grace, English singer
Janey Cutler, singer and contestant on "Britain's Got Talent"
Janey Scott Lewin, English romance novelist
Janey Canuck, pen name of Canadian feminist writer Emily Murphy
Janey Ironside, English fashion professor and style icon
Janey Lee Gohl, Miss Minnesota USA 1978
Janey Sevilla Callander, British theater producer
Janey King, Welsh romance novelist
JaneJaneyBriggs Hart, American aviatrix

Pop Culture References for the name Janey

Janey Slater, character in "The Watchmen" series
Janey Powell, character on TV's "The Simpsons"
Jane Elizabeth Laura "Janey" Harper, character on British sitcom "My Family"
Janey Briggs, main character in "Not Another Teen Movie"
"Janey, Don't You Lose Heart," song by Bruce Springsteen