Gender: Female Meaning of Jagger: "carter" Origin of Jagger: English occupational name

Jagger Origin and Meaning

The name Jagger is a girl's name of English origin meaning "carter".

Jagger, made famous as the surname of Rolling Stone Mick, gets an entry in the girls' column thanks to Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, who chose it for their daughter. For either gender, this name rocks...but a bit jaggedly. Currently, there are nearly 20 times as many baby boys than girls are given the name Jagger. That balance may shift, making Jagger a more truly gender neutral name.

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letmein Says:


Miri Says:


Ugh. Just why?

jxgger Says:


People saying they feel Jagger is terrible, hideous, and gross as a name for a girl, and saying the girl would be picked on for it - no, actually. Jagger has been my name for my entire life, and I've only ever been complimented on it. Also, kids never know where the name is from, actually - I've never, ever in my life received a negative reaction to it, especially from kids. I've had to correct kids who want to call me 'jay-ger' because they really have no idea who I was named after, but that's it. I've learned to introduce myself to adults as 'Jagger, as in Mick Jagger', so they know how to pronounce it/to satisfy their curiosity as to if it's from the musician. I also love my name - not because I'm the biggest fan of the rock star (like my mother obviously is) but mostly because I've never met someone else with my name - and all the other kids I've heard of it with the name are much younger than me. My mother also didn't 'want a son', lmao. She was going to name me Jagger no matter what gender I came out as. I wasn't robbed of my femininity - I was given a name. Don't feel sorry for me, or other kids named Jagger - I can guarantee you, we don't really care what you think of our name. :)

beachbear Says:


Years ago I posted on Yahoo!Answers as a troll, saying I wanted to use Jagger for a girl. Apparently it's a thing now in real life. And I don't even hate it anymore ;)

Wittyusername103 Says:


That's a bit much. Femininity and what that means is up to a individual . A girl named Jagger could still be the most stereotypically "feminine" girl in the world and love her name. Sorry if this seemed a bit ranty I am just sick of people saying "I feel sorry for the kid" or "That poor child!!" .

georgiaO Says:



scblovesnames Says:


I agree with basically every one else. So many beautiful names. This is too masculine to me. Even that, there are other surname names that are much better. No. Just no.

peachysugarbuns Says:


"Jagger" sounds jarring coming out of my friend's mouth when she calls out to her four-year-old son - even when she's speaking kindly to him. It don't like any of the sounds in this name and why my friend chose it boggles my mind. Oddly trendy and exceptionally impotent, in my opinion.

kiwipop Says:


I dislike the name on both genders. It's worse on girls though.

Plutophelia Says:


It just seems cheap, to me, to so blatantly name your kid after Mick Jagger. It is like naming your kid Axl or Slash which are both growing in popularity I feel. I don't think that anyone who is fully aware of the trashy things Mick Jagger has done would name their son or daughter after him. I don;t say this because I dislike Mick Jagger, I appreciate his stuff. but as a human? As someone I would name my kid after? NO.

Marlz81 Says:


Bad name for a boy & hideous for a girl.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I bet Poet, Jagger and Lyric will get teased. I don't like those names, especially Jagger for a girl. I like Sonnet more than Poet (for a middle), don't like the name Jagger on both genders, and Lyric seems more feminine to me. It's their choice, but I had to name three kids using their names, I'd name them Sienna, Blue and Roads. (Rhodes)

Loveislife23 Says:



Daphodil Says:


From what I read they had the name picked for either gender. I just feel so sorry that she got such a masculine name when her sister got such a feminine one. Even their brother's name (Lyric) sounds more feminine than Jagger, imo...

Zelliew Says:


It sounds like the parent chose the name & was going to use it whether or not the child was born male or female

Jagienka Says:


Clearly someone wanted a son. Feeling sorry for the poor girl robbed off her feminity, the mother could have chosen at least the name Josephine as the middle.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Man, I would much rather be named Poet Sienna Rose, and I don't even like the name Poet! I mean, why Jagger and Joseph? Two masculine names for one girl... I do feel sorry!

indiefendi2 Says:


So many wonderful musician inspired names for girls. Not Jagger.

Daphodil Says:


I dislike this name on either gender, but it's especially bad on a girl. Soleil Moon Frye's daughter (yes, daughter!) is named Jagger Joseph Blue. I can't help but feel sorry for her, especially since she has a sister named Poet Sienna Rose!