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Gender: F Meaning of Ismene: "knowledgeable" Origin of Ismene: Greek

Sister of Antigone and daughter of Oedipus in Greek mythology, Ismene's name is unlikely to make it in modern times because of its teasability factor. Ismay or Esme would be better bets.

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Famous People Named Ismene

Isménia do Frederico, b. 1971, Cape Verdean sprinter
Isménia Júnior, b. 1985, Miss Angola Universe 2006
Ismenia Villalba, 1929-2009, Venezuelan politician

Pop Culture References for the name Ismene

Ismene, sister of Antigone and daughter of Oedipus in Greek mythology
190 Ismene, main belt asteroid
Ismene, character in Barbara Kingsolver's "The Bean Trees"
Ismène et Isménias (Ismene and Ismenias), 1763 French opera
Ismenia is the poetic name for Thebes, a city in Greece