German variation of Louisa
"renowned warrior"

Aloisa Origin and Meaning

The name Aloisa is a girl's name of German origin meaning "renowned warrior".

Obscure form of an old-fashioned favorite that's poised to make a comeback. This version, which owes as much to Alison as to Louisa, has a stylish A beginning and a multi-syllabic feminine grace.

Famous People Named Aloisa

  • Aloisa Stukinbirth name of Eloisa Cianni, Italian actress and beauty queen
  • Maria Aloisa Wratislaw von MitrowitzCzech noblewoman
  • Josephine AloisaPrincess of Löwenstein,Wertheim,Rosenberg; Princess Alexander of Liechtenstein; daughter of Prince Karl II
  • Maria Aloisa (Marta) Baumerwife of Archduke Franz Joseph of Austria