Hearteye-ZAY-us; EE-zay-as
Latin variation of Isaiah
"Salvation of the Lord"

Isaias Origin and Meaning

The name Isaias is a boy's name of Hebrew, Spanish, Latin origin meaning "Salvation of the Lord".
Widely used in the Hispanic community, as is the shorter Isai. While the original Isaiah and cousin Isaac are much more popular, Isaias commanded attention as the name of a storm in the summer of 2020.
# 472 in the US

Isaias Rank in US Top 1000

Isaias Popularity

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Famous People Named Isaias

  • Isaias AfwerkiPresident of Eritrea
  • Isaías Medina Angaritaformer President of Venezuela
  • Isaias Wolf HellmanGerman,American founder of USC
  • Isaias PleciArgentine chess champion

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