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Gender: Female Meaning of Indira: "beauty" Origin of Indira: Sanskrit

The name Indira is a girl's name of Sanskrit origin meaning "beauty". Indira and is often added to lists like Mythology Girl Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Indira might have a more modern, exotic feel were it not for the somewhat middle-aged image of longtime Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.

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Famous People Named Indira

Indira Radic, Serbian singer
Indira Gandhi, male Indian Prime-minister
Indira "Indy" Aradinovic, Yugoslavian singer
Indira Varma, English actress
Indira Sarai Williams, daughter of fitness model Massy Arias

Pop Culture References for the name Indira

Indria, Indre, Indeera, Indra, Indiara


Ruanne Says:


There's been lots of other Indiras and there will be plenty more.

Ruanne Says:


A truly beautiful name.

mill1020 Says:


I like the nickname Indy. I'm a little more worried about Indira's usability after reading through some of the comments on authentic pronunciation and the namesake's assassination.

TheSandwich Says:


Word of warning- Indira Gandhi was very much hated and was eventually assassinated. Not the best name association.

abirami Says:


The 'dir' is pronounced so the 'd' sounds like the th sound in 'there' and the 'ir' is pronounced with the same vowel sound in 'it'.

truenature Says:


We pronounce it In-DEE-ra for our daughter because we are white Canadian bumpkins, but the proper Indian pronunciation is more IN-tdh-er-ah (where the D is pronounced with more of a quick th sound & the emphasis is on the first syllable).
I have been assured both pronunciations are technically correct, but most Indian people wold assume it should be pronounced 'their' way.

IndiRaine Says:


I pronounce it "In-deer-ah" but that is not how Indians say it. A man from India told me that it is pronounced more like (forgive me if I say it wrong or confuse it) "In-dur-ah". Hope that helps!

laurelrobyn Says:


Proper pronunciation, please? I love this name, but I've heard it anglicized as In-DEER-ah and people tell me that's incorrect. Is it IN-drah or In-DEE-rah? Help!

madmaddie Says:


My aunt is name this; a very good name. I recommend it.

fuzzycub Says:


Very pretty; cute nickname Indy.