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Gender: Female

The name Hilde is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin. Hilde and discussed in our forums with posts like "Rate the Previous Signature!".

Scandinavian variation of Hilda.

Variation of Brunhild

Variation of Hildegarde

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Famous People Named Hilde

Hilde Meisel, German socialist and anti-Nazi activist
Hilde Spiel, Austrian journalist and author
Hilde Benjamin, East German judge who presided over political show trials
Hilde Bergebakken, Norwegian Socialist Left Party politician
Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Flemish actress
Hilde Coppi, German resistance fighter
Hilde Crevits, Belgian politician
Hilde Domin, German lyric poet and writer
Hilde Gerg, German former alpine skier
Hilde Hagerup, Norwegian novelist and children author
Hilde Haugsgjerd, Norwegian newspaper editor
Hilde Hildebrand, German actress
Hilde Himmelweit, German social psychologist
Hilde Holovsky, Austrian figure skater
Hilde Houben-Bertrand, Belgian Flemish Christian Party
Hilde Hummelvoll, Norwegian television personality
Hilde Indreberg, Norwegian judge
Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Norwegian Christian Democratic Party politician
Hilde Konetzni, Austrian operatic soprano
Hilde Körber, German film actress
Hilde Krahl, Austrian film actress
Hilde Lauer, Romanian Olympic sprint canoer
Hilde Lyrån, Norwegian actress, dancer, and comedian
Hilde Marstrander, Norwegian fashion journalist and illustrator
Hilde Quintens, Belgian cyclist
Hilde Riis, Norwegian Olympic cross-country skier
Hilde Sandvik, Norwegian journalist
Hilde Schrader, German Olympic swimmer
Hilde Schramm, daughter of German architect and war criminal Albert Speer
Hilde Sherman, German Holocaust survivor and memoirist.
Hilde Singsaas, Norwegian Labour Party politician
Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling, German tennis player
Hilde Strømsvold, Norwegian football goalkeeper
Hilde Synnøve Lid, Norwegian Olympic freestyle skier
Hilde Tellesbø, Norwegian orienteering competitor
Hilde Henriksen Waage, Norwegian historian
Hilde Weissner, German actress
Hilde Zach, mayor of Innsbruck, Austria
Hilde Zadek, German operatic soprano
Hilde Ziegler, German actress
Hilde Zimmermann, Austrian resistance fighter against Nazism and survivor of the KZ Ravensbrück
Hilde Østbø, Norwegian Olympic handball player

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Freyja Miller Says:


I actually just met a little girl named Hilde and she was just so cute!

ShiningMoon Says:


This was my grandmother's name. I love it!

LoveLoop Says:


One of my favorite names.

I love the name Hilde! Especially when it's pronounced Hil-dee, that sounds just so cute and sweet! But Hil-duh sounds pretty too I think.

I would love to see this name get more used. Hilde is very appealing.