Gender: Female Meaning of Hephzibah: "my delight is in her" Origin of Hephzibah: Hebrew

Hephzibah Origin and Meaning

The name Hephzibah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "my delight is in her".

Hephzibah is an Old Testament name that came into use in the 17th century, but is not often used today. It does have less formal nicknames Eppie and Hepsie, which seem revivable. Hephzibah "Eppie" Cass/Marner is the heroine of George Eliot's novel Silas Marner and Hepzibah (the condensed spelling) Smith is a witch in the Harry Potter series.

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Hepzi, Hesba, Hepziba, Hepzibah, Hepzia, Hephziba


Griffin Says:


One of my guilty pleasures along with Bathsheba. I would not name my child this, but it's an excellent name for a fictional character, especially in fantasy of historical fiction

tulips.and.tea Says:


Lately I’ve started to really quite like this name!

pamsatran Says:


Hi everyone -- You'll see we updated this name's commentary, as it deserved more than a dismissive one-liner. It may still be a difficult name for a child to pull off, but it does have deep history and some cute nickname possibilities. To reiterate, what sets Nameberry apart is our opinions, honed over decades of analyzing and writing about names. And we solicit and host and value your opinions on names. Let's all be respecful and if you feel as if we've unfairly overlooked a name, you can post here or email me at We truly want to hear your voices and trust you are part of Nameberry because you want to hear ours.

KaiLun Says:


My first thought when reading the meaning of this name is that it sounds sexual lol

KaiLun Says:


I'm not familiar with this name. Do people not like this name because of the pronounciation, spelling, meaning, or some separate context that I'm not aware of?

5sparrows Says:


Namberry... if you don't have anything nice to say about a name, please stick to the facts. It's very rude coming from the same site with the caveat at the beginning of the forums about being careful to be respectful about the choices of others and the seriousness of people's feelings regarding child names.

That said, I love this name. Beautiful meaning, beautiful sound. Rich in history.

HayleyWebb Says:


This is my little sister's name... I do feel as though you are very entitled to your opinion, but maybe you should keep others opinions in mind. I'm sure you wouldn't say such a thing to someone with this name so what makes it okay to criticize here. I do like this name very much and my sister pronounces it "Hep" instead of "Heph", I may be biased in my liking towards this name though. So I do appreciate you sharing your opinion in this safe environment, I believe that you could have said it much nicer. I hope you have a great day! ;) -Hayley

HayleyWebb Says:


I love this nickname! ;)

HayleyWebb Says:


@BrittanyBrown I totally agree with you. Maybe we should just let people express their opinions freely on the internet, of course as long as nobody is insulting any person in particular.

HayleyWebb Says:


And you are being hateful on Zoe AND Alicia so maybe you shouldn't call the kettle black.

Daiseymae Says:


This is just awful.

BrittanyBrown Says:


I really get annoyed with comments like this. All she was saying was HER opinion. So you canceled your own comment out.

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


It makes me think of the very talented Hephzibah Menuhin. I love Old Testament names and this is a rare beauty in its ancient tradition-rich way.

Essa Says:


I much prefer the Hep pronunciation, like it takes it from a name that I think would be an awful burden on a child to a name I'd seriously consider. I think I'd be tempted to spell it Hepzibah though as I'd be worried about people pronouncing it wrong, do you ever have issues with that? Hezekiah is one of or top boys names though and I think Hezekiah and Hepzibah are a bit too similar.

Essa Says:


These are all so cute!!

Floris Says:


oops, sorry for that long rant... :)¨!

Floris Says:


Eppie is incredibly cute!! :)
It is a very nice name and the meaning is also really nice!
We really like the names Louisa, Clara, Ziva or Kira.... I just feel like our first one is girl. But we also have a list with boy names.... Just in case.

But finding a name is difficult! We can't decide whether we'd like to go with something classic (like Louisa, Cosima, Viola....) or with something a bit fresher (so, more like Ziva or Kira), which we are afraid might sound a bit "trashy" (where we live!).

favissa Says:


funny, one of my brothers calls her Hepzi, we call her Eppie, one of my sisters calls her Eppie-bee or Eppie-bah. So there are a lot of cute variations to it and she knows exactly who is calling her just by hearing the nn they are using.

favissa Says:


We nn her Eppie, which she loves.

favissa Says:


We pronounce it Hep even though we use the Heph spelling. It makes it sound better to us. But that is our opinion, plus we are latino so her name is pronounced the same in english and spanish this way. I love names that don't change their pronunciation across languagues.

favissa Says:


My little Eppie would completely agree.

favissa Says:


My little girl loves being Eppie because of her name. When I shared the other choices we had considered, Angie, Naomi, Clementine, she quickly replied I am glad you chose Hephzibah or I wouldn't be an Eppie.

favissa Says:


I felt the same way! I loved it 10 yrs. before I had my little girl and read the novel. I always said I would name my daughter Hephzibah if I ever had one. Guess what, I did! She loves being Eppie too and the meaning of her name. So you can get away with it, I even had people compliment her name and one of them said she would name her next daughter Hephzibah if she had one. I am just thrilled that it is number 3,000+ on the list. I have always been a sucker for unique rare names. I think, being the only one with your uncommon name makes you stand out and the most memorable, even if it takes people a few times to learn it. At least they always say, "you know the person with that unique name."

favissa Says:


I loved this name, since the first time I heard it and after finding out the true meaning, I liked it even more. Several people have told me they like it and one person even told me if they had another girl they would name her Hephzibah. We call ours Eppie, which she adores. She lives up to her name and nick name, she is our delight and so sweet, even her classmates and teachers say so.

favissa Says:


This is my little girl's name and although we pronounce it without that middle "H" we still kept that spelling. I loved it in Silas Marner and even more after I read the Bible. I also always liked the nn Eppie and my little girl loves her nn. The only thing is because she got so used to being sweetly called Eppie, now every time I pronounce her actual name she says she feels I am upset at her and she doesn't like that. But my mom did the same to me, whenever she calls me by my whole first name I think she is upset at me. lol

Floris Says:


Zibah kind of reminds me of Ziva...

Helen McKinzi Says:


I love this name. Zibby is an adorable nickname.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Earlier today, I didn't like this name at all. I didn't dislike it either. But now I'm starting to like it. Hepzi is an adorable nn, or Hebe.

iipostmvh Says:


That happened with me and a name a few days okay. One minute I was typing that I didn't care for it, next I knew I was thinking about it an hour later! :-)

Impwood Says:


All right. That was a quick transformation. I already love this name! It's too sweet, with the nn Eppie.

Impwood Says:


This was nicknamed Eppie in "Silas Marner", which I love. I don't dislike this name (and neither do I dislike Hortense and Mildred, for that matter), but I wouldn't use it. I like it more than Euphemia, the other possible long form for the diminutive Eppie, so eventually Eppie might actually bring me to considering it...

DrVlasic Says:


Awww...I have a soft spot in my heart for this name. She was the golden-haired girl in the book "Silas Marner," and her nickname was Eppie. I don't think I could get away with naming my daughter this, but I secretly really like the name. Maybe it's all in the association...

Essa Says:


I quite like the Zibah end but not a fan of the Heph beginning at all.

SimoneKadele Says:


This is honestly not that bad. It has a nice enough sound...

Snowprince95 Says:


I don't think it's all that bad. Their are far worse names out there. Hortense, Beulah, and a few others are definitely worse IMO. It has a cool sound to it, not one of my favorites but I don't think it's bad. It has character and it is unusual, it has a nice meaning too.

Guest Says:


Maybe you should accept that everyone has their own opinions and stop being so sensitive.

kwaverlymills Says:


Wow, people are so hateful! I have a friend who gave this name to his daughter. He had at one time considered becoming a rabbi. He and his wife call their darling daughter Zibbie for short. I think it is unique and cute. Much better that Alicia, and the oh so common Zoe that is trying too hard to be cool.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Oh no, it reminds me of heffalump and Hephaestus, and I don't think anyone's daughter would want that association.

Alicia1 Says:


No, please no.

mabespark Says:


This is awful.

shelly68 Says:


This is a beautiful name and the editors should keep their opinions to themselves. Ziba can be a nick name

sashapizzarova Says:


Lord Jesus this sounds like cough medicine.