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Gender: F Meaning of Hayden: "heather-grown hill" Origin of Hayden: English Hayden's Popularity in 2015: #190

A newly successful name for girls, which, like Brayden and Caden, used to be strictly for the boys. Right now it is at Number 151 for boys and 190 for girls, so it's officially ambisexual. Young Heroes and now Nashville star Hayden Panettiere planted it firmly in the girls' camp.

Famous People Named Hayden

Hayden Leslie Panettiere, American actress
Hayden Jacklin, American child model; twin sister of Hannah
Hayden Carson Begley (b. 2000), American reality TV personality; daughter of actor Ed Begley, Jr.
Hayden Victoria Thompson (b. 2003), son of politician Fred Thompson and commentator Jeri Kehn Thompson
Hayden Bereta, daughter of YouTuber Joe Bereta of Bereta and Bereta
Hayden Barney (b. 2009), daughter of baseball player Darwin Barney
Hayden Victoria Hesterberg (b. 2011), daughter of actress Liza Huber; granddaughter of actress Susan Lucci
Hayden Lepsis (b. 2004), daughter of NFL player Matt Lepsis

Pop Culture References for the name Hayden

Hayden McClaine, character in the Tv-series American Horror Story
Hayden Romero, character in MTV's Teen Wolf