"army ruler"

Harald Origin and Meaning

Variation of Halle

20 Names Similar to Harald

Famous People Named Harald

  • Harald Fairhair1st King of Norway
  • Harald II GreycloakKing of Norway
  • Harald HardradaKing of Norway
  • Harald GilleKing of Norway
  • Harald VKing of Norway
  • Harald BluetoothKing of Denmark and Norway
  • Harald II and IIIKings of Denmark
  • Haraldr ÓláfssonKing of Mann and the Isles
  • Harald 'Klak' HalfdanssonKing of Jutland
  • Harald Wartoothlegendary king of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Wendland
  • Harald Christian FrederikPrince of Denmark
  • Harald Christian Leopold GustavPrince of Schaumberg,Lippe
  • Harald zur HausenGerman virologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Harald Franz SchmidtGerman actor

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