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Gender: Male Meaning of Hamilton: "treeless hill" Origin of Hamilton: English and Scottish

The name Hamilton is a boy's name of English origin meaning "treeless hill". Hamilton and is often added to lists like Soap Opera Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding Then Eliminating -- Girls Themed".

From the experts:

Unless it runs in your family, or Alexander Hamilton is your particular hero, you might consider something less imposing -- and without the teasable nickname Ham.

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Famous People Named Hamilton

Hamilton Fish, 26th US Secretary of State
Hamilton Camp, English-American singer, songwriter, actor and voice actor
Hamilton Othanel Smith, American microbiologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Hamilton Luton Luske, American Disney animator and film director
Hamilton Green, 4th Prime Minister of Guyana
(Hamilton) Lavity Stoutt, Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands
Hamilton Frederick Bohannon, American disco bandleader
(Hamilton) Nash Grier, American YouTuber
(Herbert) Hamilton Harty, Irish composer
(William) Hamilton McWhorter Jordan, 8th White House Chief of Staff
Hamilton Masakadza, Zimbabwean cricketer
Hámilton Ricard, Colombian footballer
Hamilton Sabot, French gymnast
James Hamilton McDonough, son of actor Neal McDonough
Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Revolutionary hero and first United States Secretary of the Treasury

Pop Culture References for the name Hamilton

Hamilton, pig character from the kids show "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast"
Hamilton Holt, character in the "39 Clues" series
Hamilton Hill, character in DC Universe
Charles Hamilton, character in "Gone with the Wind"
"Win a Date with Tad Hamilton," film
"Hamilton," hit Broadway musical based on the life of US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton, city in New Zealand
Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Hamill, Ham, Hamel, Hamil, Hamelton


MonikerWanderer Says:


I suppose you must be pretty young. I gave a rational reason to not name your child Eliza Hamilton because I thought you were serious. I'm not saying don't honor Eliza, she was a great person and an awesome namesake, but you want to have your own child with their own name, not the reincarnation of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton herself. That's overdoing it.

And if you're still joking, sorry for being serious. I really can't tell if you're mad or not.

gmdx Says:


Well, I was actually being sarcastic, but now I'm naming her Eliza SCHUYLER Hamilton out of spite.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I agree. I heard someone suggest Georgiana Darcy once. Don't use both, right? 😃 X

MonikerWanderer Says:


Just go with one or the other. The play is great but using two names from it is just overload. I think it's a general rule that using one name from something you like is a cute nod, but using a character's full name for your child's given name is just over-the-top (example: naming your son Clark Kent rather than just Clark). It makes me think you want your child to be that person rather than their own selves.

Gulligapandan Says:


I'm not going to use it, but Hamilton does also give you the nickname Milton which is adorable

gmdx Says:


Seriously considering naming my daughter Eliza Hamilton (Lastname) though.....

gmdx Says:


Lord, show me how to say no to this....

Introverted Says:



Sagebrush Says:


Same here. Nice username, by the way.

aaronburrsir Says:


Despite the fact that Alexander Hamilton is actually my personal hero, nnnno.