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Gender: M Pronunciation: GWEE-doe Meaning of Guido: "guide, leader" Origin of Guido: Italian

Not likely to top any "Most Appealing Italian Names" list.

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Famous People Named Guido

Saint Guido Maria Conforti, Italian archbishop
Guido Westerwelle, former Vice Chancellor of Germany
Guido Adler, Czech-Austrian musicologist
Guido Karl Anton von List, Austrian occultist who founded Wotanism
Guido Ulrich Buchwald, German footballer
Guido Rimonda, Italian violinist
Guido Antonio Santórsola, Brazilian-Uruguayan composer and violinist
Guido Georg Friedrich Erdmann Heinrich Adalbert Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, German nobleman and industrialist
Guido Pella, Argentine tennis player

Pop Culture References for the name Guido

Guido Orifice, main character in film "Life is Beautiful"
Father Guido Sarducci, character created by comedian Don Novello
Guido, disparaging term for an Italian-American