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Gender: M Meaning of Griffith: "strong lord" Origin of Griffith: Welsh

A classic Welsh name, softer than the Irish Griffin, but its lispy ending makes it a bit more difficult to say -- and live with.

Famous People Named Griffith

Griffith "Griff" Rhys Jones, Welsh comedian, writer, actor, television presenter and personality
Griffith J. Griffith, founder of Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory
Andy Griffith, actor
D.W. Griffith (1875-1948), film director
Bill Griffith, "Griffy," American cartoonist
Melanie Griffith, Hollywood actress.

Pop Culture References for the name Griffith

"The Andy Griffith Show," TV show starring
Griffith Park, Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
"Griffith Gaunt," 1866 novel by Charles Reade
Griffith, character in the manga and anime "Berserk"
Griffith University, school in Queensland, Australia

Gryfudd, Gryfith, Griffeth, Griffee, Griffy, Griffey, Giff, Gryfeth