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Gender: F Meaning of Gilda: "covered with gold" Origin of Gilda: English

Gilda, although related to the words gold and gilded, has definitely tarnished. It once shimmered with the seductive image of Rita Hayworth in the torrid film Gilda, then was associated with the beloved early Saturday Night Live star Gilda Radner. In opera, Gilda lives on as the name of the daughter of Rigoletto.

Famous People Named Gilda

Gilda Susan Radner, American comedian and actress
Gilda Sansone, Italian fashion model
Gilda Gelati, Italian ballerina
Gilda Lyons, American composer
Gilda Gray (born Marianna Michalska), American actress and dancer who popularized the "shimmy"

Pop Culture References for the name Gilda

Gilda Mundson Farrel, main character in 1946 film "Gilda," starring Rita Hayworth
Gilda Dent, character in Batman comics
Gilda Besse, character in movie "Head in the Clouds"
Gilda, fairy in an episode of TV's "Supernatural"
Gilda the Griffon, character in animated series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
Gilda Goldstag, daughter of the Golden Hind in "Monster High" show and series

Gildie, Gilde, Gildi, Gildy