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Gender: Male

The name Georg is a boy's name . Georg and is often added to lists like International Variations of George and discussed in our forums with posts like "New: Movie Title Family Name Game!".

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Famous People Named Georg

Georg Friedrich Händel, German composer
Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer
Georg Simon Ohm, physicist, known for Ohm's Law
Georg Listing, German bassist of band Tokio Hotel
Georg von Trapp, Austrian singer of "Sound of Music" fame
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, German scientist
Georg von Békésy, Hungarian biophysicist, winner of the Nobel Prize
Georg Wittig, German chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize
(Johannes) Georg Bednorz, German physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize

Pop Culture References for the name Georg

Georg von Trapp, character in musical "The Sound of Music"
Georg Zirschnitz, character in musical 'Spring Awakening'
Georg Nowack, romantic male lead in musical "She Loves Me"


disqus_elAXLS4ZP1 Says:


"Average name has 3 memes attached to it" factoid actualy just statistical error. Average name has 0 memes attached to it. Georg Georg, which is a German name and spawns over 10,000 memes each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

bearcub27 Says:


To my knowledge, it's pronounced "gay-org," but I only know this from The Sound of Music haha!

Angelicaecb Says:


I'm still not sure how this is pronounced. All I know is it's NOT George.