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Gender: F

Variation of France

Variation of Frances

Famous People Named Francie

Francie Schwartz, American screenwriter and one-time girlfriend of musician Paul McCartney
Frances Anne "Francie" Larrieu Smith, American Olympic athlete
Frances Doretta "Francie" Swift, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Francie

Francie, Hugo Montmorency's wife in "The Last September" (1929) by Elizabeth Bowen
Francie Nolan, protagonist in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1943) by Betty Smith
Francie Fairchild, Barbie's mod teenage cousin from England. She was the first Barbie doll to have real eyelashes and bendable knees.
Francie, character from the movie "The Art of The Steal"
Francie Calfo, character on Alias