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Gender: F Meaning of Fortunata: "luck, fate, wealth" Origin of Fortunata: Spanish variation of Latin

Brimming over with a sense of good fortune. Could make a little girl feel very lucky.

Famous People Named Fortunata

Saint Fortunata, a very minor 4th-century martyr
Maria Fortunata Viti (born Anna Felicia Viti), beatified Italian nun
Maria Fortunata d'Este, the last Princess of Conti

Pop Culture References for the name Fortunata

Fortunata, wife of Trimalchio in Petronius's 1st-century CE novel "The Satyricon"
Fortunata, character in "Fortunata and Jacinta" by Benito Perez Galdos ("a girl of the streets, a ravishing beauty whom the handsome, feckless Juanito Santa Cruz seduces and abandons. Perez Galdos treats with sympathy her attempt to achieve respectability and her loosening hold on sanity.")
Fortunata, healer fox in "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques
Fortunata, protagonist of "Fortune's Folly" by Deva Fagan
Feminine equivalent of Fortunato