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Gender: M Origin of Fielding: English topographical surname

Fielding isn't an occupational name, exactly, though it does relate to someone who works in or lives in a Field. Although there have been a handful of people, real and fictional, with the first name Fielding, the most famous Fielding is eighteenth century writer Henry Fielding, author of Tom Jones.

Famous People Named Fielding

Fielding H. Yost, American college football coach
Fielding L. Wright, American politician, governor of Mississippi and vice presidential candidate
Henry Fielding, English writer
Noel Fielding, comedian.
Harry Fielding Reid, American geophysicist
Joseph Fielding Smith, former prophet of the LDS (Mormon) church

Pop Culture References for the name Fielding

Fielding Carlyle, character in TV's "Flamingo Road"
Fielding Pierce, lead character in the film "Waking the Dead"